Eblana Communications is the brainchild of Philip O’Connor, an Irish journalist, marketeer and communications professional based in Sweden for the last twelve years.

I spent eight fantastic years working for one of the world’s biggest providers of financial services and information to the global markets, but in 2010 I decided it was time for a change, so I started a company to allow me to concentrate on doing things that I love – writing, making films and taking pictures.

Since those humble beginnings, I have created text, movies and images for a wide variety of organisations, from listed companies, news and PR agencies  to sports clubs and registered charities.

The portfolio has rapidly expanded to include television production, sports and political journalism and a book about Gaelic football in Stockholm which was nominated for two prestigious awards in Ireland.

Being an Irishman in Scandinavia, I have a somewhat unique position in being able to bridge the geographical and cultural gap. On my arrival here I learned to speak Swedish; even though the Swedes speak better English than most, I finds it much easier to get in touch with people in their own language. I have also been known to try his hand at Norwegian and Danish with varying degrees of success.

The other thing I consider key to the success of Eblana so far is his contacts. Together with a tight network of tried and trusted photographers, video journalists, event managers, fixers, sources and entrepreneurs from across the business spectrum, I can put together a team to carry out almost any project you can imagine, in Ireland, Sweden or anywhere else.

Not sure what to do next? Contact philip@eblana.se and let’s talk.


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